Outdoor Wedding Decorations

About Us

Kington Events has evolved from several years experience in the hospitality industry with particular interest in festivals, charity auctions, black tie dinners and weddings.   

Our own wedding was one of my biggest events; a three day affair at the beautiful Euridge Manor, all arranged and planned by myself; a close second was a charity auction and black tie formal dinner held at Badminton House with the presence of the Duke and Duchess of Beaufort. 

When you engage with Kington Events, not only are you buying into an experienced and professional team, in return I will be absorbed into you and your vision, whether it is your wedding,  festival or private party.  Having been complimented about my empathetic and warming persona and ability to connect well with people, along with a grounded and realistic approach encourages an honest and fulfillable working relationship.    

I love to add a little something that's personal too, it could be a symbolic hidden feather in a wedding bouquet or an unexpected treasure that only you would know the meaning of ... little touches that make the biggest differences. 

Often the joyful emotion of the occasion overspills and I get carried along with the emotional moment, however, I jokingly say, that if there is still a dry eye in the house, then my job is not done!

Joanna   x